About us

GDPR Register is a leading European privacy documentation management platform on a mission to make the everyday life of privacy teams of any size of business more efficient and transparent. We love spreadsheets but those can’t compare to purpose-built GDPR compliance tools like GDPR Register, where all the data is interconnected and instantly controlled.

We started our journey in 2017 when a team of lawyers found that helping customers when building their compliance documentation could be much more effective and we teamed up with developers to build the GDPR software tool that could make the compliance process smooth and effective. After multiple successful projects, we understood that every company could benefit from such compliance software and shared the possibilities with the world.

As Rome wasn’t built in a day, our GDPR software tool is a continuous development process. Weekly we add new features, improve the content, and make the life of data protection officers easier and more predictable.

Our team is always getting bigger, we all work towards one goal: to make the GDPR compliance process transparent, simple and effective.

In 2021 we have launched an online training platform OnlinePrivacy.Training. This tool helps businesses to train their employees on the basics of GDPR compliance and reduce operational risks to a minimum.

Management Team

GDPR Register Founder, Toomas Seppel

Toomas Seppel

Founder and Sales


GDPR Register Founder, Merlin Salvik

Merlin Seeman

Founder/Member of the Management Board


Andres Ojaver

Andres Ojaver

Specialist Data Privacy Counsel