GDPR software tools for your privacy organisation

Let your team collaborate and contribute to GDPR compliance with an easy-to-use GDPR software solution

- Inventory of Personal Data and Systems
- Records of Processing Activities (ROPA)
- Registry of Data Processing Agreements
- Data Breach Reporting Tool
- Data Subject requests
- Contract Lifecycle Management
- Reporting and Export Tools
- Team, task and responsibility management

GDPR Software Solution by GDPR Register
Template of processing activities
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GDPR Register online tool makes it easy for organizations to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Suitable for any size of an organisation

Special tools for team collaboration

Saves 70% of time comparing to spreadsheets

Task management and reminders

Onboarding assistance and customer support

Document and record templates included

Instant reporting and export

Suitable for UK and EU GDPR, nFADP, POPIA, CCPA, LGPD

GDPR Register Features

Data Mapping (PII Inventory and RoPAs)

With GDPR Register’s Data Mapping tools you will achieve clear understanding where does personal data come from, describe assets where it’s stored in, and who is responsible for it.

All this information is then used in describing RoPAs forming solid ground for rest of required privacy documentation.

Our GDPR software solution will help you effectively create and maintain records of processing activities with up to a 70% increase in productivity for your privacy team. Reduce DPO’s workload by inviting data stakeholders into the process and assigning tasks around the organisation and monitoring progress. 

We will migrate your RoPA spreadsheets to our software solution and the tool will help you in the process of standardisation through your organisation structure.

Read more about Data Mapping Tools

RoPA Templates

Save your time by using our more than 50 predefined templates for most common activities, such as HR, Marketing and CRM. These templates will help you to start fast with new projects and will simplify the management of existing documentation.

If you need to manage a group of organisations or provide DPO services to your customer, custom templates will allow you to create your own templates exactly as per your requirements and will speed up scaling compliance projects over the whole organisation.

Reporting and Exporting with our GDPR software

At any moment, the Regulating Authority or your potential business partner may request a report to prove your organisation is compliant with GDPR. Use GDPR Register’s reporting features to generate a specifically tailored report with three clicks that can be produced in any EEA language.

For detailed analytics integration purposes, you can export the registry into a CSV file, which is supported by all spreadsheet tools and databases.

Data Processing Agreements

GDPR Register’s Registry of Data Processing Agreements will allow you to track the state of agreements signed with third parties. GDPR software interconnects agreements with processing activities allowing you to follow the flow of personal data, manage international transfers and have an overview of subprocessors.

You can upload agreement files directly to the registry or link to your existing document management system.

Organisation Structure and User Permissions

Our GDPR software is designed to allow you to scale your compliance projects to multiple entities within an organisation. Those could be companies in the group, subsidiaries, branches or departments. Permission management functionality will allow you to assign proper rights to your colleagues ensuring the correct split of tasks and responsibilities. Centrally managed templates will help you to train team members faster and reduce time spent on rewriting the same records from scratch.

If your organisation offers DPO services, you can use GDPR Register as a single tool for offering solid services to your customers, while optimizing your effort and customer satisfaction. 

Data Breach Register

GDPR Register’s Data Breach Register will allow you to comply with GDPR requirements to keep records of all breaches regardless of whether those had to be reported to Regulatory Authority or not. Sometimes data breaches can be just an accidental disclosure of personal data of one person to another and the risk to data subjects can be minimal, but at scale, such incidents may cause serious problems to your business. Therefore it’s important to have Data Breach Register ready and up to date.   

Tracking breaches using GDPR software is simple. With our Data Breach Register tool, you can record breaches, monitor their progress, get notifications about deadlines and produce reports to Regulatory Authorities, company management or your Controller. 

The GDPR Register continuously adapts to meet the latest requirements of General Data Protection Regulation and your local Data Protection Authority.


14-day Free Trial included. No Credit Card required to sign up.


Best for smaller companies
month / billed annually
  • Single user account
  • Single Entity (Controller)
  • Inventory of Personal Data and Systems
  • Data Processing Activities Register (Article. 30)
  • 40+ Predefined RoPA Templates
  • Registry of Data Processing Agreements
  • Document Management
  • Customisable Reports
  • 36 languages supported for Reporting
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • 1 hour of free consultation (annual plan only)
  • Free migration from spreadsheets (annual plan only)


For teams, shareholder involvement and more companies
month / billed annually
  • Unlimited user account
  • One Entity (Controller) included
  • Possibility to add more companies
  • Everything included in SOLO package, plus...
  • Group (Holding) structure management
  • Department structure
  • User management and permission levels
  • Task management
  • Stakeholder involvement into projects
  • Breach Register
  • Data Subject Request Register
  • Customizable templates
  • Audit trail (logs)
  • Data exporting tools
  • Free product training for whole team
  • Free migration from spreadsheets (annual plan only)


For larger enterprises and DPO service providers
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  • Unlimited user accounts
  • More than 3 Entities (Controllers) in the group
  • Flexible choice of options
  • Everything included in MULTI package, plus...
  • Custom Number of Companies (Controllers)
  • Optional services:
  • Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • Separate instance with access limitation and rebranding
  • Region selection for data location
  • Negotiable contractual conditions
  • Project Management
  • Privacy Audit
  • Key-Turn Privacy Documentation
  • Employee Training
  • Custom Consulting Services
  • Free product training for whole team
  • Free migration from spreadsheets (annual plan only)

After the trial, you can select a suitable subscription plan. We will send you an invoice for the payment based on the chosen plan, which can be easily paid immediately via Credit Card or SEPA bank transfer within the EU.


Prices do not include the Value Added Tax. VAT will be added to the prices as follows:

  • For companies located in Estonia, the VAT rate is 22%.
  • For other EU companies, which have an EU VAT number, the VAT rate is 0%.
  • For other EU companies, which does not have an EU VAT number, the VAT rate is 22%.
  • For non-EU companies. no VAT will be added.
Data processing Agreement (DPA)

Data Processing Agreement (DPA)

What is a Data Processing Agreement (DPA)? A Data Processing Agreement (DPA) is a legally binding document to be entered into between the controller and the processor in writing or electronic form.

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