Data Mapping for Teams

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With GDPR Register's Data Mapping tools, you will clearly understand where personal data is stored, where it originates from, how it's processed, and what parties are involved in the processing. Simple and effective for the whole privacy team.

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Features of Data Mapping Tools

Asset Inventory

With Asset Inventory you can define in which systems you store personal data, which data subject category the data belongs to, where the data comes from,  whether there are tried parties involved and who is the owner of the asset. 

Assets can include each other (for example a physical server includes software and software includes a data set with information) or act as a source of information for other assets, third parties or processing activities.

Setting up correct asset inventory will ensure you have a deep-though understanding of your data and it will simplify the creation of all other required documentation. 

Your IT team will benefit from Asset Register, which they may require for their ISO27001 compliance. Working together you will reach a solid understanding of data flows and security measures applied at each stage of personal data processing.

Records of Processing Activities (RoPAs)

GDPR Register is the easiest-to-use RoPA management software on the market. It allows you to create records from an extensive library of templates or from scratch feeding information from information assets. 

If you already have spreadsheets with records, we will import them for you as a part of a service at no extra cost.

GDPR Register’s RoPAs support all the data required by GDPR, nFADP, POPIA and other regulations requiring records of processing activities, but is not limited to. You can create more custom fields of different types for the purpose and transparency of your organisation.

Vendor Management

Any element of the tool provides linking between each other giving a clear overview on what stage of processing are your vendors involved, is there a data processing agreement signed, what are the security measures and if there is an international transfer involved. 

Store all your Data Processing Agreements to the GDPR Register or link to your existing contract life-cycle management tool. All information is accessible in one single place.

Reporting and Exporting

In couple of clicks produce reports related to RoPAs, Data Processing Agreements, Data Retention Schedules and much more. 

Apply filters to find proper records and filter the content inside them. Translate reports to more than 36 languages.

Flexible exporting tools will allow you to produce any external reports, export information to produce other documents and make backup copies for your security.

Team Collaboration

To reduce workload of DPO and improve accuracy of information, it advisable to involve stakeholders into data mapping process. GDPR Register provides special permission levels for stakeholders allowing them to focus on their area of responsibility and simplifying the process. Coupled with task management and workflows, it provides perfect control over data mapping project.

If you would like to concentrate on your work and be sure the mapping project is deliver right, our project management service will guarantee proper training of the team and smooth delivery of tasks.

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