Pragmatekh d.o.o.

Pragmatekh is a boutique business consultancy company, since late 2016. specialized in GDPR compliance projects, education/trainings, Privacy program management, DPO services in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

All partners are seasoned ex-corporate managers with more than 20 years of business experience each. Our expertise goes from IT, Telecommunications, Business Processes to Information Security, GDPR and Privacy Management in general. Besides Privacy/GDPR we provide C-Level consultancy and mentoring.

Pragmatekh GDPR methodology:
Internally developed methodology for GDPR compliance implementation and maintenance. Accompanied with our process management experience, it enables us to provide each client with a tailor-made solution based on their business model, industry and organizational maturity level. We use a holistic approach and address each and every aspect of Privacy protection. All projects start with board members and staff training, interviews for challenges identification and Privacy program preparation.
We are founders of and stand behind ‘GDPR Croatia’ Facebook page both preaching about Privacy benefits and GDPR compliance.

Services provided:

GDPR & Privacy:
  • DPO role outsourcing
  • GDPR audits
  • Privacy program development
  • DPO mentoring and coaching
  • GDPR and DPO trainings/workshops
  • Board and staff privacy trainings – includes knowledge testing and eLearning
  • Compliance projects
  • InfoSec assessments and audits
  • Data Governance advisory and projects
Digital transformation:
  • Digital Transformation trainings/workshops
  • Program development
  • Project management and putting projects back-on-track
  • Independent purchasing project evaluation
  • Management mentoring and coaching


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