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Prepare the Privacy Policy For Apps

The change to the App Store Review Guidelines specifies that developers must include the Privacy Policy link in the App Store Connect metadata field, as well as within the app. 

The Privacy Policy  must confirm that any third party (such as analytics tool, advertising networks and third-party software development kit, as well as any parent, subsidiary, or other related entities that will have access to user data) that the data is shared with, will provide the “same or equal protection of user data” as stated in the app’s privacy notice.

The change comes into effect from the 3rd, October. It applies to all new apps and app updates. It also includes those apps, which do not require an Internet connection.

LEARNING TIP:  Prepare clear and explicit Privacy Policy, identify any data the app or service collects. Also, how it collects the data, and all the uses of that data. 

See more at Apple Developer.

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