i-DPO is a GDPR compliance audit company and dedicated training for the protection of personal data.

We believe in the willingness of each company to engage in a compliance process in order to increase its competitiveness in the professional market and to ensure consumers a secure treatment of their personal data.

The right to privacy is a fundamental right which everyone can rely, and the GDPR today sets an ambitious goal of compliance at European level so that we can catch up with the delay we have in this regard and consider the future of digital in a more serene way.

i-DPO positions itself as a partner of the company’s compliance with the GDPR.
The road to compliance involves three main steps: Compliance audit, training and monitoring of the outsourced data protection officer.

-> Compliance audit: The inventory will make it possible to map the data processing and understand how each service of the company where the data circulates. This leads to the establishment of a compliance report that will define the company’s obligations with respect to the GDPR and the plan of priority actions to be taken to comply.

-> Staff training: Awareness and training of major departments that manipulate data on a daily basis and whose habits and work process will evolve. A good training will allow each actor of the company to be a referent for the DPO (internal or external) to ensure the permanent maintenance of compliance.

-> Appointment of the external DPO: i-DPO positions itself as a trainer of the internal DPO or as an external DPO according to the strategic choice of the company.

Services provided:

  • GDPR Audits
  • GDPR trainings
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Governance Software
  • External DPO Appointment


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