Our Pricing

Data protection specialists and their teams, who previously managed extensive Excel spreadsheets and endless documents, will find that our software significantly simplifies their daily workflows.

GDPR Register provides a single source of truth for data protection, allowing for easier data management and ensuring transparency at the group level.

Additionally, the software saves up to 70% of the time previously spent on daily tasks, enabling a focus on more strategic and value-added activities.


Prices start from €230
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Suitable for UK and EU GDPR, nFADP, POPIA, CCPA, LGPD and other analogous privacy regulations
  • Registry functionalities
  • Inventory of Personal Data and Systems/Data assets
  • Registry of Processing Activities (GDPR art 30)
  • Registry of Data Processing Agreements
  • Data Breach Registry
  • Data Subject Request Registry
  • Customisation
  • 40+ Predefined RoPA Templates
  • Customizable document templates
  • 1 click customisable reports in 36 languages
  • Group (Holding) structure management
  • Department structure
  • User management and permission levels
  • Task and workflow management
  • Security features
  • Audit trail (logs)
  • Data exporting tools
  • Special features with separate agreed pricing
  • Data Asset evaluation
  • Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • Separate instance with access limitation and rebranding
  • Negotiable contractual conditions
  • Custom privacy documentation drafting
  • Employee Trainings
  • Custom consulting services

We will not bill you automatically. At the end of trial period, if you wish to continue using our service, you can select a suitable subscription plan. We will send you an invoice for the payment based on the chosen plan, which can be easily paid immediately via Credit Card or SEPA bank transfer within the EU.


Prices do not include the Value Added Tax. VAT will be added to the prices as follows:

  • For companies located in Estonia, the VAT rate is 22%.
  • For other EU companies, which have an EU VAT number, the VAT rate is 0%.
  • For other EU companies, which does not have an EU VAT number, the VAT rate is 22%.
  • For non-EU companies. no VAT will be added.

Features description

Predefined processing activity templates encompass the most commonly used activities, such as payroll processing and client billing. These activities can be defined with a single click, making the process quick and simple.

In addition to predefined templates, you have the option to create your own customisable processing activity templates. These templates allow you or other users to define specific processing activities according to your needs. Templates can be created for a specific company as well as for all subsidiaries or departments, ensuring unified and efficient workflows.

Every template created by the parent company is automatically visible to all subsidiaries, enabling the standardisation and harmonisation of data protection processes across the entire organisation. This approach ensures that all units follow the same high data protection standards, simplifying management and ensuring better compliance.

A processing activity is an action performed on a specific dataset. For example, for payroll processing, the dataset is the employee database, where data such as names, contact details, bank accounts, and salary information are processed.

A dataset is a collection of data concerning a specific data subject. This can be in digital form (e.g., a database or Excel spreadsheet) or in paper form (e.g., a set of printed CVs). Examples of datasets include an employee list in an accounting system or a client list in a customer relationship management system.

Multiple processing activities can be performed on a single dataset. For example, the employee dataset can be used for payroll processing, employee evaluation, and sick leave tracking.

Audit trail logs all changes, which are done in GDPR Register. Each log line includes a Timestamp, User name and the data, which was changed. It also logs the times when users log into the system.

To ensure comprehensive data protection across the entire group, we offer the ability to add all your subsidiaries under the parent company’s account and manage them uniformly from there. It is also possible to share your custom-created templates, procedures, and assets with your subsidiaries.

We believe that the more employees contribute their input on data protection-related issues and projects, the healthier and more robust the company’s data protection practices will be. Therefore, we do not limit the number of users in the product.

The GDPR Register’s breach register allows companies to effectively document and manage all data protection breaches. This register helps track the nature, scope, and resolution process of breaches, ensuring that all incidents are documented in compliance with GDPR requirements. The breach register helps improve data protection processes and reduce the risk of future breaches, ensuring data security and regulatory compliance.

The GDPR Register’s data subject request register enables companies to efficiently manage and track all requests received from data subjects. This ensures that all requests, whether for data access, rectification, erasure, or transfer, are documented and managed in compliance with GDPR requirements. The data subject request register helps maintain transparency and ensures that the company meets all data protection obligations in a timely manner.