Contract Lifecycle Management

Lost in your contracts? Not anymore.

With our Contract Lifecycle Management Tool you can keep track of your contracts, define custom fields and set custom notifications. You will not miss any important milestone and will gain confidence in your contractual operations.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Take control over your contracts' lifecycle

Customizable reminders to keep information up to date

Store files within registry or link to existing document storage

Never miss important dates and milestones

Get notifications directly to your legal advisors and stakeholders

Renewal and termination mechanisms

Features of Contract Management Software

Customizable agreement categories

Define the agreement categories you need. Possibility to add custom agreement types.

Agreement status flow and milestones

Full contract lifecycle management with draft / negotiating / signing / active / expired / terminated states. Track important dates like signature / commencement / termination.

Custom fields

You may add any number of custom fields to manage contract by your specific criteria.

Customizable notifications

Set email notifications about agreement status, dates, time before and after events to recipients on user or role level. You can define your custom email text message and will get every morning a summary of all important events with links to specific agreement records.

Group management

You can manage agreements not only with your third parties, but also with other entities of you organisation. Very well suitable for group companies. 

Attach contract files or link to other storage

Wish you store your agreement files within the tool or you prefer keeping them in your existing storage – both options possible. Just attach a file or add a link to your existing storage.

Flexible search and filtering

Any type of field can searched and filtered allowing your to find exactly what you need from hordes of different types of agreements.

Want to see how it works?

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Zpracovává vaše společnost osobní údaje?

Zpracovávat vaše společnost osobní údaje fyzických osob, jako jsou:

  • Údaje zaměstnanců, zákazníků, uchazečů o zaměstnání nebo pacientů včetně:
    • Jméno nebo osobní identifikační číslo
    • Kontaktní údaje (e-mailová adresa, telefonní číslo, adresa)
    • Bankovní údaje, plat, údaje o pasu nebo jiné osobní údaje


Ar Jūsų įmonė renka ir tvarko fizinių asmenų asmens duomenis? 

Asmens duomenys gali būti:

  • Kliento, darbuotojo. paciento, kandidato į darbo vietą ir kt. 
    • Vardas ar asmens  numeris 
    • Kontaktinė informacija (el.pašto adresas, telefono numeris, adresas ir kt)
    • Banko sąskaitos  duomenys, atlyginimo dydis, paso duomenys ar bet kokia kita asmeninė informacija. 

Onko yrityksessäsi enemmän, kuin 250 työntekijää?

Kas teie ettevõte kogub ja töötleb isikuandmeid?

Kas teie ettevõte kogub ja töötleb füüsiliste isikutega seotud andmeid nagu näiteks:

Töötajate, klientide, tööle kandideerijate, patsientide:

  • Nimi, isikukood
  • E-posti aadress, telefoninumber, kodune aadress
  • Pangakontonumber, palgasumma, krediitkaardiandmed või mõnda muut tüüpi isiklikud andmed

Does your company collect any personal data?

Does your company collect and process any personal data of natural persons such as:

  • Employees, Customers, Job Applicants or Patients including:
    • Name or personal ID number
    • Contact details (Email address, Phone number, Address)
    • Bank details, Salary amounts, Passport details or any other personal data