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Introducing Marit Kesa – GDPR Register’s new Sales and Customer Success Manager

We are excited to welcome Marit Kesa as the newest member of the GDPR Register team. As our new Sales and Customer Success Manager, Marit brings a wealth of experience and passion that will contribute significantly to our mission of simplifying privacy compliance.

Described by our CEO, Krete Paal, as proactive, client-oriented, and approachable, Marit has already made an impression in her first month at GDPR Register. With over eight years of experience performing with and managing high-end wedding and show bands in the UK, Marit pivoted into tech sales at an Estonian startup-turned-unicorn Veriff, where her path crossed with Krete. Marit’s enthusiasm for GDPR Register’s vision and mission resonated with us, making her the obvious choice for this pivotal role.

GDPR Register’s role in compliance 

On why GDPR compliance matters, Marit emphasized the importance of building client trust in today’s privacy-focused landscape. “If a client nowadays goes to get any service from a company, they want to know that they are dealing with a trustable and trustworthy company,” she explained. 

This is where GDPR Register comes in – our software helps businesses big and small simplify compliance, giving customers confidence that their data is being handled properly. Again, in her words, “GDPR Register’s tools are essential for businesses to manage their privacy data effectively, ensuring compliance and maintaining client trust in today’s fast-paced business environment.”


Krete Paal and Marit Kesa at the recent sTARTUp Day Fest

Marit’s undertakings

As a Sales and Customer Success Manager, Marit is focused on two primary objectives: driving the promotion of GDPR Register’s solutions and ensuring customer satisfaction. Her approach is hands-on, focusing on understanding client needs, guiding them through the onboarding process, and nurturing lasting relationships.

Having spent a great deal of time conducting early research and understanding the terrain, Marit is keenly aware of the challenges businesses face with GDPR compliance. Hence, she highlights our solution’s ability to manage privacy data efficiently, reducing the burden on compliance teams and simplifying the process.

Vision for the future

In her own words, Marit’s long-term mission is to “raise the roof” when it comes to awareness and adoption of GDPR Register’s offering. Coming from the dynamic world of performing, where feeding off the crowd’s energy is key, Marit is excited to bring her positive can-do attitude to privacy software. She may spend her weekends singing with local bands, but during the week, her passion for helping businesses simplify compliance shines through.  

As we continue on our journey to simplify GDPR compliance and data privacy management, Marit Kesa’s blend of innovative thinking, professional expertise, and vibrant personality is a beacon of inspiration for us all at GDPR Register.

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